Lublin University of Life Sciences establishes  Eco-HUB 

UP Lublin

Within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the University of Life Sciences (UP) in Lublin and the All-Polish Association of Processors and Producers of Organic Products “POLSKA EKOLOGIA”, an Eco-HUB of the University of Life Sciences in Lublin has been established.

The Eco-HUB will function within the structure of the Technology Transfer Centre of the Lublin University of Life Sciences.

As part of its educational activities, training courses and workshops will be organised for students, doctoral students and young scientists in the field of “business awareness” and the development of scientific and business relations in cooperation with external entities.

In terms of innovation and economic activity, the Eko-HUB will cooperate with external entities, including foreign partners, in the creation and implementation of pro-innovative activities, in particular of an ecological nature, as well as the creation of joint ecological solutions and the acquisition of financial resources for the implementation of joint projects.

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