Nearly EUR 500 thousand allocated for the implementation of projects for the Military University of Technology (WAT)

Jakub Wosik/REPORTER

Researchers from the Military University of Technology (WAT) in Warsaw will develop technologies to more effectively combat human trafficking and environmental contamination, thanks to funding received from the National Centre for Research and Development under the Horizon Europe programme. For the implementation of two projects, the university received almost 500,000 euros.

The WAT received EUR 220,000 for the STBERNARD project (SysTem for SAFE Biological chEmical Radiological and Nuclear Assessment, Rescue and Decontamination). The research envisages the development of technologies for high-speed aerosol and vapour sensors and mass decontamination to provide portable protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear threats.

The VANGUARD (adVANced technoloGical solutions coupled with societal-oriented Understanding and AwaReness for Disrupting trafficking in human beings) project will develop advanced technological solutions for a modular system that, combined with the unique expertise of law enforcement agencies, will ensure a more effective fight against human trafficking at all stages of an investigation. The WAT received €224,000 for the implementation of this project.

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