Results of the evaluation of scientific disciplines at the Technical University of Łódź


The final results of the evaluation of the 12 scientific disciplines conducted at the Technical University of Lodz (PŁ), assessed for activities carried out in 2017 – 2021, include two A+ grades, seven A scientific categories and three B+. The university has filed an appeal against the earlier evaluation results.

The highest grade of A+ was given to two disciplines: chemical sciences and food and nutrition technology.

This is a very important decision, emphasising the high position of the Technical University of Lodz. The results of the evaluation of the university’s scientific activity for the past five years testify to the quality of the research conducted and the results achieved, which have an impact on the quality of life and economic development. “I also hope that they will influence the size of subsidies for the university. This result is the effect of the hard work of many people, for which I would like to thank everyone”, said the rector of PŁ, Prof. Krzysztof Jóźwik.

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