University of Wrocław scientist receiving Opus grant

fot. Uniwersytet Wrocławski

Prof. Przemysław Wiszewski from the Faculty of Historical and Pedagogical Sciences at the University of Wrocław will carry out a project ‘Communication and Conflict in Multi-ethnic Political Communities of Medieval Latin Europe (9th to 15th century)’. The research won a grant in the Opus competition of the National Science Centre.

The project is a continuation of research from 2015-2022. At that time, a team of researchers from the Czech Republic, Spain, Japan, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Hungary and Italy conducted research on factors supporting the cohesion of multi-ethnic political communities in medieval Central and Southern Europe. Now the team, with a slightly changed composition, will focus on the problems of communication and conflict management within these communities.

The analysis of the mechanisms that ensured the success of multinational European states in the Middle Ages can be a starting point for reflection on the situation of today’s increasingly multinational European societies.